Thursday, September 21, 2006

To wake, or not to wake

Aubrie is STILL sleeping. It's almost 8am. This is unheard of. And yet, it's a great thing, because I can get stuff done. But, on the other hand... will it mess up her regular schedule? I hate always questioning myself on everything. I'm thinking of letting her sleep and seeing what it does. We have no big plans today (I have some appt's, but my mom is coming by... so that doesn't matter).

I swear, she so reactionary (I don't think that's a word) these days... it's tiring her out. She'll do something, and if it gets a reaction (cheers, laughs, looks of surprise) she will keep doing it and doing it and doing it, laughing hysterically in the process. She's so happy, you can't help but continue your reaction... and yet... it gets really tiring after awhile! But, it's adorably cute!

In other news, Chris has a major major interview today. We're talking 4 hour or so interview with about 5 different people. It's somewhere he would really love to work. So... if it's your thing, keep him in your prayers. If it's not, just think lots of positive thoughts for him.

I'm off to take advantage of this morning mommy time!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Month in Review

What a boring title. I can't believe I'm posting about Aubrie's 8th month. It's amazing (and sad) how quickly time is flying. I apologize in advance for how boring this post is likely to be. But, alas, I love to have a record of things... and blogging is the way to go these days (considering how behind I am in my scrapbook!!).

This month, she went from the crawling position, to creeping along the floor, to all-out-full-fledged crawling in the past week or two. It's crazy how quickly that happened. She's now powering along at way-too-fast of a speed. It wouldn't be challenging, really, if it weren't for the sheer multitudes of vomit that she also manages to produce (see last post). But, it is a lot of fun. It's great that she can go explore the things she wants to see. I love to see things through her eyes. She's a pro at sitting, and moving to and from the sitting position. Aside from pulling up and cruising/walking, she's got pretty much everything down pat.

She still loves to eat. She's been a full-fledged formula baby for awhile now (we tried to cut back to one breastfeeding session... that didn't work... so fully weaned a little earlier than planned). She eats 24oz a day. Plus, her three meals. Generally fruit and oatmeal at breakfast, yogurt (she finally likes it) and/or egg yolk at lunch, and veggies and rice or barley at dinner. We also tend to do lots of finger food at dinner, so that it's easier to eat dinner all together. She eats cheerios and Gerber puffs, as well as whole wheat toast, pasta, she's even tried hashbrowns and home-made fries. Other new foods include asparagus, cottage cheese (still learning to eat that), mango... I think that's about it.

Sleep is GREAT! As long as she gets it, lol! She really likes to have her naps in order. She sleeps about 2 hours in the morning (9-11) and about 1 hour in the afternoon (2-3)... sometimes more. She goes to bed closer to 7pm now, and sleeps through till about 6:30am. She's generally up earlier, but she's content on her own till 6:30.

She's trying to wave, I'm sure she'll get the hang of it soon. She tends to wave to herself the most. She's always giving kisses now if you are holding her. She's also a better snuggler than she has been in the last few months.

Oh, and teeth... she cut one tooth that is still pretty small. Another tooth is REALLY close, but I don't think I can officially call it there yet. The way she attacks food though, she doesn't even need 'em!

Most days, she's so easy!! It's hard to believe how far she's come! And sad that it's all happening so quickly!

Again, sorry for the boring post. I'll try to come up with something exciting next time...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ewe... seriously... E.W.E.

First of all, yes, It's Saturday night. Yes, I'm blogging. I don't have a problem with that.

I had every intention today of writing a post to do the "8 month update" on all of Aubrie's new feats this month (as she is now 8 months and 2 days). But, well, then life happened. That post will have to wait for another day.

Because... ewe. There I was, relaxin on the couch, watching me some Mad TV (and, I mean that in the sense of the actual show, I'm not trying to be all gangsta-cheese on you, sending out my mad props te y'all.... wait, gansters don't say y'all... ah darn it). When, what do I find... but vomit... in... my... hair. EWE.

Now, I've spoken about the Aubrie vomityness (yes, I know that's not a word), but I've not clarified all the glorious stages of Aubrie vomit. Yes, there's the "after bottle spit-up". This is not at all gross, just a pain in the arse. Then, there's the "I had a bottle a few hours ago spit-up" which is slightly more gross in it's curdled glory, but still not heinous. Then, there's the "food that was recently eaten" full-on vomit... which is gross only in the sense that it's usually very chunky, and very colored, and often stinks, and is still a pain in the arse, as are all the stages of vomit. Then, there's the "this has been in my gut for who knows how long and has gathered all the glorious yucky stomache acids and REAKS" vomit. Yes, that's the vomit I found in my hair. Stomache acids and all. E.W.E. A large chunk of it. Eeeewwwweeee.

And, I don't know what's worse. The fact that I had NO IDEA how long this vomit had been in my hair. It could have been anywhere from about 3 hours to about 9 hours (ya, 9 hour vomit... ewe... and let me say again... ewe). OR, the fact that I seriously considered NOT washing it out with a full on scrubbing-in-the-shower. I actually tried to just rinse it out in the sink first. EWE.

Let me explain though. It's not that it wasn't truly gross (which it was), but I had already washed my hair today. And, I have very few "free" hours in my day... so that was one reason I considered trying to avoid a shower. I had better things to do. But, more importantly... is the fact that washing my hair more often than every 2 or 3 days is a complete disaster these days. Why? Because after the "hair gets RIDICULOUSLY thick during pregnancy" followed by the "hair falls out in RIDICULOUS clumps post-pregnancy", my hair is, well, ridiculous. It's frizzy, and horrible, and has teeny tiny pieces everywhere that are growing back in. Seriously, if I pull it back all the way, it looks like someone had a HUGE mishap trying to cut some bangs. I have a huge row of 1 inch pieces. This leads to serious frizz issues if I wash it too frequently. Plus, there's the time required to deal with all this frizz... that's not fun at all. And I was planning on quickly running the straight iron through it in the morning so that I could run out to the grocery store to buy all the things I need to make the AWESOME cheesecake (diet?? diet?? who said that?????) for the scrapbooking party I'm having on Monday because tackling the grocery stores around here anytime after 8:30am on a weekend is sheer suicide.

But, alas, I couldn't handle it. I guess I'm just not the mom I thought I was quite yet. I had to scrub it clean.

Uhm.... ewe.... (just one last time for prosperity).

Friday, September 15, 2006

TV to the rescue

AAACK... I just squelched a major baby melt-down with tv... I don't know what I dislike more - the fact that I use it, or the fact that it works.

It's not that I'm against tv - heck, I watch enough of it to, uhm, hmm... can't think of an analogy. I watch a lot of tv. I guess I just don't want her to grow up and watch as much as I do. Or, I'm worried about the quality of tv in 5 years (heck, I'm worried about the quality of tv now... nothing near as wholesome as the days when I was a kid).

But on days like today, I just have to take a pass on caring about it.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Testing blog accountability

So... here's the test... how well will blogging something keep me accountable? I figure, the more people you tell about a goal, the more incentive you have to stick with it, right? Let's hope so...

I've been trying to lose the final weight from my pregnancy for AGES. I'm just not giving it enough effort. I've always been a good half-ass dieter... never a good dieter though. I last about a week max. I'm not fully sure why I always end up quitting, but I do. I'm hoping this time I can stick to it.

I've tried many diets. Most are difficult to follow because I'm a vegetarian. I've tried weight-watchers twice... I'm not about to try a third time. I'm thinking my best bet is good old exercise and watching calories. It's probably the easiest route as well.

Aside from just plain giving up, I'm worried about hitting the afternoon slump. I hit it every day right now. I have energy to do things in the morning, but as soon as Aubrie's second nap hits, I have no energy at all. No motivation. Sooo, with my workouts taking up the entire morning nap (to include a shower... still no time in there to actually dry or do my hair or anything... guess it's pony-tail till I've dropped the weight), I worry about getting everything ELSE done. I need to make use of every minute of my time, or else I'm doomed. It's a very daunting prospect.

Plus, I always get major major headaches... usually in the afternoon. I'm hoping that eating better will help curb those.

Ok, this is turning into a ridiculously whiney post.

So, I'll leave it at "I've said it". I'm determined to drop the weight. I have 18-20 pounds that needs to go before I head back to work.

Aubrie's up... guess that's all I can say about that.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I meant to be serious

Really... I had every intention today of writing a deep, thoughtful, serious post. I've been meaning to do it all week. Somehow, everyday life just always seems to get in the way. I'm sure we all know what that's about.

I still can't believe that in the midst of 9/11 reflexions and school shooting tragedy posted all over the news... the only thing on my mind to blog about is vomit. Seriously... ridiculous, frustrating, annoying amounts of vomit. So, does that make me a normal mommy, or does that make me a bad citizen? Or maybe just a bad blogger. Hey, I'm still new to this (ok, not really... but new enough that I still can't get my act together to blog daily).

But, really... if you saw the amount of vomit that leaves my child on a daily basis... you'd be blogging about it too. It's especially difficult these days with the crazy amount of crawling that it's paired with. I seriously don't know why people with non-vomiting babies consider crawling a more challenging phase. Crawling is seriously inefficient moving... though faster than one would think, it's still quite easy to catch them before in the midst of danger. Now, to catch them before they vomit all over the carpet for the 10th time in the hour... that's challenging. And frustrating.

That's not even including my latest frustration with laundry. Seriously... pair the ever-vomitting baby with cloth diapers (either one alone would be fine... but together... AACK)... *sigh*. And, even the amount wouldn't be frustrating right now if it wasn't for the fact that I've just realized that the ones I *thought* were clean (put in drawer/closet) are now stained with the mysterious "after-cleaning" yellow or bleachy vomit stain. So, when I went to put away her clothes that no longer fit (I've finally decided that even though they fit, putting 0-3mo clothing on an 8 month old is just mean), I realized that essentially all of them are stained beyond belief. I don't dare go look at the stuff I've already packed away. It's just depressing.

I've tried immediate soaking (and soaking till wash time), I've tried oxy-clean, spray'n'wash, that dual power stain treater... nothing is helping. It seems that every solution I've been given by those who say "it works like a charm for little junior's clothes" obviously don't have the vomit-queen herself messing up the clothes. It's a talent...

At least she's not picky about foods. So... the days I decide I can't handle it and only feed her white or very light colored foods... at least she can cope!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Home sweet home

Ok, so I'm half asleep as I'm writing this... but somehow 8:45pm is way too early to go to bed, so I figured I had to kill some time, why not blog?

We got back today around 1:30pm from our trip. We had a FANTASTIC time! It was so great to have a vacation with another similar family. It's great to be able to go by Aubrie's schedule, and not worry about how that's affecting plans. It was great to have the girls play together all day long. It was great to have 4 adults to 2 babies. It was great to drink wine and play games and chat when they went to bed. I highly recommend the dual family mini-vacation to all!!!

The downside... the trip home was absolutely MISERABLE. Aubrie was in such a state. She slept the first 30 minutes or so (she usually naps 2 hours in the morning). Then, she was up, and unhappy the rest of the trip. She fell asleep for maybe 5 minutes, but then woke up in that crazy screaming-without-actually-waking-up phase, which finally woke her up completely. We think she's probably cutting her next tooth. At least we know it's not likely to be a lengthy grumpy phase. She's a good little teether like that!

She seemed so thrilled to be home though. Despite her episodes throughout the car-ride, she calmed down completely the second we walked in the door. Despite being way over-tired, she just wanted to enjoy her toys, her pets, her surroundings before she would settle for a nap. Thankfully, though, she's asleep now, and is probably likely to have a good long sleep tonight (something her mommy and daddy REALLY need!).

So, that's about it. I've thought of so many things to blog about on my various vacations lately, so I'm hoping I remember them throughout the week so that I can post something other than updates!

But for now... a nice long bath is calling me!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bidding adieu (again)

We're on our way today up to Kelowna and the always lovely Manteo Resort. I guess I forgot to say good-bye before I left for Saskatchewan, so I figured it was only fair to give you a heads up this time! I will be gone till Saturday, so it will likely be awhile before my next post. I'm looking forward to enjoying some of this gorgeous weather (well, minus the smoke from forest fires...), spending some time in the pool, and watching the girls have a blast together. We're going with our walking buddies (and gym buddies, and class buddies... heck, we see them almost daily!) Zoe (9 months) and mom Shawna (a wee bit over 9 months, lol)... oh and her husband Corey (who would probably be mad that I almost forgot about him... let's hope Shawna doesn't let him see this!). It's bound to be a great time!

In an hour we're also headed to our first baby-signing class (then we'll head out on the road after). I'm quite excited about that too! I never thought I'd go the "signing" route... I'm a little sceptical about it, but I just wanted another outing for Aubrie to enjoy (she loves seeing other babies, and it's good for her to get used to lots of new people. Although I've heard otherwise, I worry that it might delay her speech if she can sign. But... I guess we'll see. I'm looking forward to learning more about it!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Minty fresh

Guess who is now going to bed with minty fresh breath? That's right... Aubrie's joined ranks with the rest of us and is getting her tooth nub brushed (I can't even call it a real tooth, it's so small!). She didn't seem to mind it much at all, though I can't be totally sure how well it actually got brushed... but it's the attempt that counts right now!

I can't believe how fast she's getting the hang of crawling. She can move mighty quick these days. Watch out Java and Kahlua, she's coming after you two first! It's so funny how she still only uses one leg. The other one she puts in the air. How odd. But, apparently, it's quite common (at least for those that post their videos on youtube). We have a video, but I just haven't gotten around to uploading it. Soon...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Our mini update

I don't want to call this an "update"... just a mini update. Coming back to blogging after you've missed a chunk is so daunting. You feel like there has just been so much missed, and trying to catch up with it all is tricky. You feel like no matter what, you're going to miss stuff. So, that's why I'm doing a "mini update". So... if I miss things, or take a few days to update everything, that's ok. Mini-update it is...

We just got back yesterday from our trip to the prairies. It was a fun time, and great to see family... but also quite exhausting. I'm the type of person that just likes the regular comforts of home. I don't like things to be too disrupted. I think Aubrie is similar. She was ok as long as we kept to her schedule. The travelling was tricky in that sense. She was fine with the plane ride... it was the lack of her usual nap time in a quiet place that seemed to get to her the most. All in all though, it wasn't too bad. Well worth the effort!

We leave for Kelowna in a few days with friends. I'm excited about that. I think it will be a great trip. The weather is supposed to be nice, so we're looking forward to some time in the pool (which Aubrie LOVES).

Aubrie broke her first tooth right before we left for Saskatchewan. Good timing eh? Her teething was never really that bad, just a little cranky. I was surprised at the whole process of teething. For some reason, I just expected that one day, a tooth would be there. Not sure why... it makes no medical sense. But, that's how I envisioned it. Instead, her gums were cut first, with no sign of a tooth. Then, it took a few days for the tiniest amount of tooth to pop through. She still only has a tiny little tooth "stump", but it's definitely there. Yay teeth!!

She's also moving around like crazy these days. She's totally mastered the commando-crawl (pulling herself on her belly). She gets into the crawling position well, and can go backwards a bit, but she lacks control in that position. But commando... watch out! If she wants something, it only takes a second for her to find a way there! I'm so glad I baby-proofed her play area early. The other day, I left her in her play area for a minute (in the center of the room). I came back to find her clawing at the covers on the electrical sockets! Good thing they were covered!! I was amazed how quickly she got over there.

Unfortunately, with her crawling about, it leads to major issues for our carpets. Aubrie has STILL not even slowed on the vomit frequency. It's super frustrating. It's amazing how much she still "spits up" (the term doesn't even make sense now that it's full-on food vomit). We keep hoping it decreases... but no luck. The doctors won't do anything unless it's green, or violent, or she's losing weight. SOOOO FRUSTRATING. We've tried everything, and nothing helps. And it bleaches the carpet. Fun. At least it will be a good excuse to replace all the carpets in the future.

Anyways, tons and tons to get done these days, so I know my posts will be short. Hopefully though, I'll post a little everyday to keep things updated over here. Thanks to everyone who has stuck by the "drought"!