Saturday, December 31, 2005

No news

Well, another week between posts. I know I can do better than that! But seriously, not much is happening. I'm basically walking around bored... and there's no sense blogging about that, now is there? I'm getting lots of odds and ends done, but nothing that anyone cares to hear about. I will be sure to post some nursery pics sometime soon - I just have to get around to taking some pics!

I could go on and on, whining about everything that is uncomfortable about 38 weeks pregnant... but the thing that is annoying me most (surprisingly, more than anything that is moderately painful)... is my hair! It has gotten so unbelievably thick that it is a daily source of total frustration. I mean... any time it takes more than 45 minutes to blow-dry hair, something is terribly terribly wrong. Now, I TRIED to have this taken care of several weeks ago with a hair cut. But alas, my hairdresser refused to cut it as short as I wanted it (the downside of having a hairdresser who really likes your hair). I've considered pulling it out in chunks now. It may just come to that. I also hear that it doesn't start "shedding" until a good 4 months post-partum. Oh happy day... 4 1/2 more months of this. Luckily, I don't have to go out much!

So, if you come by my house, and my hair is tied back... cut me some slack! Until you've lived it, don't knock it!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Wonderful, wonderful sleep

It still really baffles me that we are "meant"/"programmed" to have many sleepless nights at the end of pregnancy. It's so distressing. I mean, here I am, thinking now is the best time to stock up... and I'm wide awake at 2am, totally frustrated!

But, alas... not last night!!! Last night, I slept amazingly for almost 11 hours. Most of it, uninterrupted! I was terrified of going to sleep too, as the previous night I had been rudely awokened by horrible heartburn (which I've never really had before) that kept me awake in a chair most of the night (and terribly uncomfortable). I figured that this would be the way life is until baby decides to finally drop (which, I was told, they almost always do by 36 weeks for a first baby.... of course... not for me... I get to wait it out).

Aaahhh, blissfull sleep. If that's the last one I get for years to come, I shall enjoy it thoroughly in my mind and relish its wonderful effects.

Today, I have all the energy in the world to tackle the crazy number of lists I have written for myself (blame my father... that man loves lists). Too bad all these people left Christmas preparations to the last minute, or I could go tackle the mall errands and whatnot today. But no... that'll have to wait till the crazies leave the stores.

Yesterday was another midwife appt. I told quiet midwife (still haven't figured out a better name for her) about all the apprehensions that had been building and lurking in my head essentially since I found out that my now favorite midwife is unlikely to be at the birth. I told both quiet and Scottish midwife about my concerns about having favorite midwife (now I've changed her name) at the birth. They took it quite well (I didn't want to offend them, but I'm attached to favorite midwife), and really tried to console me. Unfortunately, they made me feel worse. I ended up feeling that they were kind of imposing their ideas on me... making me feel quite vulnerable and upset about the whole upcoming ordeal. So, I expressed that yesterday and the quiet midwife assured me that it was not the intention at all. They would be there to ensure that the birth went as I wanted it to, and safely. I'm just glad she knows I'm apprehensive. It was a weight off my shoulders.

In terms of baby, all is fine. She's still measuring small, though they won't wager a size yet. 34.5 cm at almost 37 weeks. Still not dropped, but contently in the optimal position (what a smart little girl!!).

My bets are still on Jan 22 or 23... my hopes are on 6 lbs 10 oz...

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Still too early

So... don't start thinking I've gone into labor, and that's why I'm not posting anymore! Despite everyone telling me to be ready for "any day now...", my intuition tells me I have lots of time. So, lack of posting is simply due to a recent overwhelming of baby info, making me not feel like posting much!

We had our prenatal classes last weekend, followed by a hospital tour, followed by a meeting with our wonderful doula, followed by an in home visit by the midwives. So, all week long, it's been labor talk city! You can understand why posting more about my pregnancy has been the last thing from my mind!

This week will be all about organization - lists of things I need to do, need to buy, need to finish. It will also include my OFFICIAL last day of work. Still haven't decided which day it'll be. I need to drive in to submit marks, which I'll do either Mon or Tues, depending on my whim. I've realized after this last week, that I need to start keeping busy... really really really busy.

We had our carpets steam cleaned yesterday. Trying to get major tasks done before our big day. Despite our house only being a year old, we figured it would be nice to have it done so that the baby can get them all good and dirty. Today I got two more sets of blinds cleaned. Not an easy task at 36 weeks pregnant!

Tonight, we're off downtown with my parents to meet up with my brother and sister-in-law for yummy mexican food at one of our favorite restaurants. Enjoying those nights out as much as we can now!

Monday, December 12, 2005

It's a sickness...

I'm not much of a shopper. Really, I'm not. I've never particularly liked shopping, though I do it out of necessity. But lately, I'm totally obsessed! I simply can not pass up a cute outfit for our little girl. I mean... baby outfits are so great - they are so cheap, so cute, I never have to worry about exactly how it fits and whether I will wear it (like I do with my own clothes), and I never feel particularly guilty for buying my daughter outfits. Of course, I'm conveniently blocking the realities that the clothes will probably only fit for a few weeks, get trashed with spit up, etc... not to mention that I am well on my way to having a ridiculously spoiled little girl. Though, we don't have that many clothes for her at this point (still don't have the suggested number of sleepers, onesies, etc)... I can just see this eventually getting out of hand!! Mental note - make a budget... soon...

In other news, we had our prenatal class this weekend. It was great, but it was also JAM packed with info, all in one tiny little weekend. So, in short, totally overwhelming. I'm not even sure how much of the info actually stuck. Only time will tell. She had us repeat several things, out loud, several times (things like "I will get help" and "babies cry"). Along with that, she had us keep repeating that due dates mean nothing... "full term is 37-42 weeks". Ok... that's in 13 days people! I'm not going into labor in 13 days. Stop making me think I might. It's bad enough you give us a 5 week window where you consider labor to be "perfectly normal and healthy"... how are we supposed to not get anxious and hopeful when you dangle something like that in our faces. I would LOVE to go into labor in 13 days, but I know better than to get my hopes up. Which is really hard when a lady is making you repeat it out loud ad nauseum! I'm still betting on Jan 22. That's 41 days. It's gonna be a long 41 days.......

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The downside

There is a downside to finished Christmas preparations so early... I sent out most of my Christmas letters (still waiting on a few addresses to clarify) and my blog site was in my Christmas letter, and now I'm getting harrased as to how little I update my blog! Sheesh!! So, I guess it's time to step it up.

Unfortunately, I just haven't had much to report. Most of it, no one wants to hear about. I'm doing lots of cleaning these days, still finishing up some work stuff... it's all very exciting. We do have a lot of baby stuff coming up, so there should be more to report soon. Our prenatal classes are this weekend, followed by a hospital tour on Monday, a meeting with our doula, and a home visit from the midwives all next week. So, in short... stay tuned.

In the meantime, here are some new and update belly pics to share. Don't expect many more of these... I'm thoroughly not enjoying taking them or sharing them now. But, I figure, it's expected, right? I'll want these pictures in the future, when I have forgotten how yucky it feels to be this fat. Then I can look back on them fondly. These gems are from 34 1/2 weeks. Only 38 more days to go...