Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Monthly update

Seems like I'm working my way down to only monthly posts here. I do wish I was able to blog every day... but it just never happens around here! But, I also want to have some record of Aubrie's accomplishments and the like... so I continue coming back on the occasion. My apologies to readers who keep coming by dissapointed by the lack of new posts! And... I don't know why the link to my photo diary isn't working, it should be... and it is on my end... not sure what to say, just make sure you copy the whole link into a browser and it should, in theory, work.

So, the news on the little munckin... she started grabbing toys and holding toys full force this weekend. Now, she must hold EVERYTHING and put EVERYTHING in her mouth. She got royally peeved the other day playing in her bouncy chair because she grabbed onto the hanging toy and pulled, and it wouldn't reach her mouth! This new discovery led to some pretty rough nights (she just didn't want to be asleep), followed by a FABULOUS night last night, where she slept from 7:45pm - 5:45am. YAY! This is the first time she has managed the WHOLE night (in my opinion... I refuse to call 5 hours at a stretch sleeping through the night, as the books say!). It may be in part to me turning off the monitor last night. The last few weeks, she's been waking around 1-4am and just making noise (not really demanding food or anything), so it's led to me feeding her because I need her to sleep so I can sleep!

I know that this accomplishment will be short lived... I probably will not get another night like that in awhile... and then they'll dissappear altogether with the arrival of teeth... but for now, I'm enjoying it. It's led to a very lazy morning for me! I've been so "on-the-go" for the last few weeks, I decided to take the morning to myself - no rushing, no plans... just sittin in my pj's till I feel like accomplishing something! (Paired, of course, with caring for Aubrie... but she's already down for a morning nap!). *Sigh*... life is good!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

day in our life

It was suggested to me to do a "day in the life" photo diary. So... we did it! It was kind of a pain, but I'm so glad that we have it now, and can't wait to do another in a few months (to see how things change). It's kinda boring... but, well... that can often be the life of a newborn, haha! Hope you enjoy!