Tuesday, August 30, 2005


for little girls!!!! I'm too excited to write much else! Just got off the phone with my wonderful midwife, the bearer of all blessed news. I knew it... and am so glad that my first mother's intuition was right!

In other news, it pushed back my edd to January 16th (off by one day), she weighs in at a whopping 293 g, placenta and fluid levels are just lovely. We're all set for a healthy 4 1/2 more months.

Good thing I bought the nursery paint today. Otherwise, I would be running out and buying gallons of lavendar paint. I purposefully chose the colors ahead of time so that I didn't go overboard with my favorite girly color.

Saturday, August 27, 2005


It does seem like I'm only averaging a once-a-week post here... but I'm trying, really! I don't know what's been keeping me so busy! Lots of shopping this week, and of course, our ultrasound of little Buster...

Starting out with a face and body shot. Any thoughts on the gender??

Now the feet...

Another face shot...

And a final shot of the arms...

The ultrasound itself was VERY uneventful. There are some annoying policies here that prohibit us from learning ANY valuable information from the u/s session... I barely even got to see anything. Snobpapa got a good look at the end, and we saw TONS of movement (I don't think Buster sleeps much!!). We're hoping for more info from the midwife.

Also, Buster is moving like CRAZY these days and already driving me a little batty. Constant fluttering about. When s/he gets to the full-on-kicks, I'm in trouble!!

I'll post more about our adventures in nursery shopping later. First, off to work on that quilt that is never going to get done!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Emaciated... haha

I'm really not addicted to cheesy online personality tests... honestly. I just keep happening upon them. The latest one was a "great leader" personality test. Strange thing was, before taking it, I was wondering what great leaders they would have on there. The only one I could think of was Ghandi. Go figure...

Emaciated... that's very funny. Little do they know! Plus, how can they really say you are emaciated based on personality type questions... I guess it's just the comparison to Ghandi

Where did my week go?

Yes... it's been a whole week since my last blog. I'm a terrible blogger, I know. The funny thing is, I have no idea where that week went. What did I do? I'm really not sure. That is the haze that has become my brain these days.

I know I finished all my marking, worked on Mon & Wed, had a quilting class all day Thurs... but aside from that, the week is a haze.

Ooh, and we bought a car. That's right, say goodbye to sports-car 2-door-standard-trasmission-coupe days, and hello to 4-door-automatic-sedan-family-car days. Although I had been pushing for a more practical car for some time... it seemed that I was more distraught about parting with our first car than snobpapa was. Must be the hormones. We're very happy with it though. We both thought we'd have to settle and make sacrifices for the car "switch", but we really didn't.

Aside from that, and my ever-expanding belly (and yes, I know... I still haven't posted those pics I said I would. One day...), not much is new. I'm trying to adjust to not working... I'll let ya know how that goes when I figure it out!

But for now, my day of nothingness calls...

Saturday, August 13, 2005

It's official!

That's right... after almost 18 weeks, I FINALLY got my blood work back from the labs. I am indeed pregnant. What a relief - otherwise those 15 pounds I've gained and that mysterious heartbeat in my uterus would be quite frightening. Why did it take so long? I don't know... blame Canadian health care. My family doctor quit, and that probably had something to do with rounding up the files and whatnot... but really - 18 weeks? Sheesh!

Aside from that bit of news, my recent appt with my midwife was pretty standard. One thing I hate about going to the midwife is that I always come home feeling very untrendy. It's strange, you think of midwives as being very granola-type ladies... I purposely tried to find a midwife that seemed very focused on scientific literature, etc. Found an awesome midwife, and I'm so happy with the care I'm receiving... but she's so uber trendy and stylish... I always leave feeling like I should hit the gym and then go shopping.

Then, to top it off, she had an apprentice this visit. So, I got to be poked and prodded by yet another stranger. That's always fun. But, we got to hear the heartbeat again (145-152... apparently really good), set up our appt for the big ultrasound... I can't believe that in 2 weeks, I'm half way done. Crazy!

I know I've been scarce here, but I'll try to write more this week. Once I get my final exams marked, I should have TONS of free time on my hands. That's when things are going to get a little crazy...

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Wow... I'm done

Sittin in the office, and it just dawned on me... I'm done teaching for a whole 16 months. That's CRAZY. That's a really long time. No more getting up in front of herds of young adults. I can turn into a total slob if I want. In fact, I'm not gonna get my highlights touched up. They can just grow right on out. That's what a slob-rebel I am. Now, I still have finals to write (which I SHOULD be doing right now), but instead, I sit here, drinking my congratulatory decaf latte, waiting for young and eager minds to walk through my door with questions. I'm sure they are all studying away for their final exam. I have till Monday to get that exam done.

On another note... Buster may have busted his/her first move yesterday. Well, first that was felt, anyways. Yes, we are calling our little snobbaby Buster. Why... because babasnob likes the name. We aren't going to use it, for obvious reasons (my apologies to anyone reading who has that name), though we did agree that if we have quadruplets, one can be Buster. So, instead, we are just calling our little womb-wonder by that name. Heck, it might even stick as a nickname (which may be strange if our little baby is a girl...). Back to the bustin... I was in the car, coming home from work, and felt the "fluttery feeling" that women often describe with baby's first movements. I could be wrong, but I'm hoping it was legit. And, I was singing at the time. So, then, I decided I wanted to feel it again, so I kept singing. Here I was, stuck in traffic, belting out songs full force. I must of looked like a total loser. I usually only sing on the freeway, when people aren't generally staring at others in cars around them. Oh well, it was totally worth it!

Ok, I guess it's time to get to that final exam...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Crazy dog lady

I really would have posted yesterday, but I was stalling in hopes of getting my act together to post a pic. See... tons of people keep hounding me for a belly pic. Why people are so infatuated with my belly girth, I'm not sure. Despite my absurd weight gain (about triple the norm for 16 weeks), we're not sure where it's gone. If I had to make a bet, despite the biological obsurdness of it all, I would guess I currently have a baby growing in my bumm. I guess we'll see in 5 months time...

Ok, but... off topic, cuz I never got my act together (pic is still sitting in my camera). I'll get to that later this week. Just a lovely carrot to keep all you belly-obsessors hooked. Today, I must discuss crazy dog lady.

Crazy dog lady sold us snobdog 2 1/2 years ago. She came off as being quite the pug lover (snobdog is a pug). Maybe a little eccentric, but not full-on crazy. She delivered snobdog, and still kept in touch now and again. She likes when we send her pictures of snobdog.

About a year ago, snobdog had a HUGE lump on his paw. Vet said maybe cancer. Freaked us right out. We went for the $$$ surgery, no cancer. Yipee. Well, through all this, we wrote emails back and forth to crazy lady. She was concerned. In the end, she was relieved and sent us a "package" for snobdog. Toys and t-shirts and such. (Yes, any lady who puts pugs in t-shirts already gets crazy-lady status). But... I'm not at the story yet.

So, package never came. I figured she just lied about it. But, she did seem fairly upset about it. So, we get a mysterious phone call on Friday night. Crazy lady says they are coming to the area, and want to know if they can see snobdog. Maybe bring him some toys and what not. I said ok... she said she'd call me when they got settled.

She calls Sunday night. Says that she stayed with a friend last night, but they are looking for a place for that night. Asked me if I had any ideas, and what was close to me so that we could meet to let the dogs play. Ok... weird... I'm thinking she wants me to offer up my house. Um, no... I don't know you crazy lady. And, even so, if relatives called me and asked for a place to stay on last minute notice, I'd say "a hotel". I just don't do last minute house guests.

Ok, so that aside. We're still not sure if she was scamming accomodations. Then, she says that she knows of a motel that will allow her dogs too. So, can I meet her there that night? It's like 8:30 at this time. She wants us to go to the mall to get the gifts for snobdog. Ok, first of all, Sunday night, mall is closed. Second of all, mall doesn't allow dogs. Ok she says, maybe tomorrow morning. Then, we can leave the dogs in the motel and go to the mall. Uhm, no again. I'm not leaving my precious dog in an unknown motel and going to the mall with a crazy lady. I'm not even that comfortable meeting crazy lady at this said motel. It was just plain WEIRD. Red flags poppin up everywhere!!! So, finally she says she'll head to the motel and call when they get settled.

That was the last I heard from her. Thank goodness!!!! It all seemed oddly sketchy to me. At least, it really did at the time. Maybe it's mommy-to-be-freakish-hormones talking... we're not sure.

Alas, I better go get to my nightly marking. Last week of classes = time crunch for me.

I hope to get more "regular" blogging in once the whole work thing dies down. Till then, you will all wait patiently and stop bugging me about belly pics.