Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More excuses...

Wow, again it's been more than a week between posts. It just seems that with Christmas coming, and baby things to finish, I just haven't had much to say (except a point by point list of things I get done as I do them)!

Progress is being made - Christmas tree is up, most of the shopping is done, Christmas cards and letter in the works, nursery is almost decorated, work is almost finished (final exams being written on the 15th... then I just have marking to do). It'll all get done, but I'm overwhelmed on a daily basis. I know it's good to stay busy, and it sure does make time FLY by. I can't believe I'm just got 6 1/2 weeks left!!!!!

I had another appt on Monday. This time, it was with Scottish midwife and new midwife who I have coined the Quiet midwife. Why? Because aside from introducing herself, I didn't hear a peep from her the entire appt. I suppose that could be a very useful thing in the delivery room. Very calming. She was just observing this week though, so I'm sure her title may change next go-round. Everything was quite normal, up 2 cm to 31 cm (still a little small, but consistent), good blood pressure and she's still enjoying the vertex position. The next visit will be the home visit. I can't believe how quickly that came! To think, they are anxious to see where I live in case they have to come soon for the early labor (they stay at the home with me until the really active labor starts, then we move to the hospital). Lots of talk these days about premature labor signs, etc. I'm fully convinced I will be late though...

What a boring post. But, truthfully, there's just not much else to report! Busy, busy, busy... but healthy - which is the best thing!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Our crazy contortionist

Well, we had our 3-D ultrasound pics done today. Baby was very much uncooperative. She decided that despite the slurpee I drank to get her moving, she was going to sleep through the whole thing. And, to top that off, she was going to sleep with her feet and arms curled up in front of her face. Yes, that's right... she had her toes touching her forehead for the majority of the session!

We did get a few good shots of her chubby little cheeks...

And, we got further confirmation that she is a she. I'm still not convinced I can see why... here's the "money" shot though...

(Ok, I'm sure I'll never live that one down. We really shouldn't post pictures of our babies' crotches on the internet, should we?)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Second attempt

Let's try my appt update post again. Hopefully this time it'll stick... I can't promise it'll be as good as the first one. Something about having to write something a second time that takes the humor out of it. Not that it was all that humorous to begin with.

So, Monday was my 31 week appt. I got to meet one of the new additions to the practice. I shall call her Irish midwife. She has an awesome Irish accent (from Ireland, worked in Scotland, it's quite the mix of accents and very cool). She was quite different from Trendy midwife. I'm guessing they have lots of different view points on things. Irish midwife seems a little more into testing and intervention (still very light on intervention compared to ob-gyn's though... sorry if I offend you Uncle John... though I do hear you're trying to get out of the baby-delivery end of things as it's too much like being a wedding planner... haha). I think she was a little shocked that I passed up the GD test. And she did insist on another hemoglobin test. Not that I mind - I'm not opposed to needles. I expect that to come back fine. I know when my iron is low, and it isn't at the moment. It is very cool that Irish midwife is also an experienced RN. She's also really good at showing me how to tell the position of the baby. It worked at the time... but I doubt I can figure it out ever again. I thought maybe baby turned head up yesterday... but I don't think that was right at all. She's probably still head down and sprawled out to the right, making me look very lopsided, as she has been for the last two appts. I measured in at 29cm. I was 28cm 2 weeks ago, so not much progress there. I'm pretty consistently a few cm behind... no big surprise and nothing to be worried about at this point.

Ok, enough about my appt. Strange encounter today... I was walking through campus and was stopped by a lady who works at IMS (instructional media services, a dept I know well and turn to often for all my media support needs). She asked me when my little girl was due. I happily told her, and out of curiosity, asked her who told her I was having a girl. Not that I mind, I was just curious how the word got out so quick. She looked at me very puzzled and said "no one, I just know by the way you are carrying". She was SOOOOO convinced she was right, it was freaky. And, she was right. Mind you, she had a 50/50 shot... but still! Then she said something about usually needing to take a handwriting analysis sample, but that I was so obviously carrying a girl that she didn't need to see my handwriting. Fine then, I'll keep my messy handwriting to myself then. So I guess lopsided means girl. Who knew?

Finally, got a chance to catch up on some favorite blogs today. Yuck... -26 degrees celcius in Saskatchewan. It's a lovely 10 degrees here (though raining) and I don't miss that snow at all. And now I'm totally convinced that I'm going to suffer PPUG. No... not a typo about my dog... but PPRIUG with a primary focus on the unjustified guilt portion. I mean, I suffer unjustified guilt on a regular basis, and now Miss Zoot is telling me that this will get WORSE post partum? Man, am I in for a treat!

Ok, that's all I've got for y'all today. And, it's mostly thanks to snobpapa getting a new PS2 game (meaning I can't use the tv with the PVR, and what good is watching tv when you have to watch commercials too??), and the fact that my tutoring "client" forgot her math at school today. Lots of free time for me tonight (to post 3 times, cuz the monster ate the first one... I'm still bitter).

Stupid post eating monster...

That's right. You heard me. Stay away post eating monster. I don't like you!!!

I just spent upwards of 30 minutes writing an update, only to have it EATEN. I've heard this discussed by fellow bloggers and always chuckled. Haha, how could you "lose" your post silly computer-illiterate bloggers. But no... it is possible... there are blog post eating monsters I tell you. And they are mean. And they don't care if you took that time when you are starving and should have been making dinner.


So, before I retype my whole thought process (which was, for once, a reasonably interesting one)... I must go make dinner.

Blame the post eating monster.

I'll get you one day......

(I even had links, links that require html coding, coding I always forget and have to bug snobpapa about to come tell me how to code it... sheesh!)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Hiccups yield success

Finally, yesterday, for the FIRST TIME ever, snobpapa was able to feel the baby move. This has been a source of frustration for both of us for weeks. Everytime baby is active and he tries to feel her movement, she stops. Yesterday she had very obvious hiccups, so he was able to feel one. We can finally take a sigh of relief. It was very stressful to think that maybe he would never be able to have that experience of feeling his baby move. Now we don't have to worry about it anymore! YAY!!

The weekend was very productive. Perhaps too productive, and now I haven't had much rest. But it was worth it. The quilt is totally done, the chair rail in the nursery is done, the dresser is done (just needs new drawer pulls). Everything is coming together!!!

Now, I just need to finish the paint touch-ups, crib skirt, valence (if I have time to do that), wall decorations, and the load of "spring-cleaning" I hope to finish before baby comes. Plus some more shopping - that'll be fun!!

Another midwife appt today. I'll try to update later with the "results", though it's bound to be another fairly boring appt. I guess boring is a good thing though!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Sciatic nerves are dumb

I'm sure the sciatic nerve serves a very useful and necessary purpose, but today, it has me very very angry! I think I've finally come to the conclusion that the pain I have been struggling with the last week or so is due to a compression of that nerve (common in pregnancy). Last night it hit an all-time peak. Probably just due to working three days in a row when I'm not used to being on my feet that often. Today it's getting a little better, but still not a fun ailment to deal with.

Snobpapa is also quite injured. Another MMA (mixed martial arts) war wound. He thinks it's his back, but it hurts to breath... I think he may have broken a rib or two. It really sucks when TWO people are injured - there's no one left in our house to get anything done! So, we're both trying our best, and doing a lot of moaning and whining. Thankfully, without even knowing our ailements, babasnob has invited us for dinner tonight. Little did she know that if she hadn't, we probably wouldn't be eating. (Or we'd be eating something far less healthy that requires no cooking time or clean up time... neither of us can stand for that long!).

Isn't this an uplifting post???

A few fun things to report today. Yesterday at work, for the FIRST TIME EVER... I've started to get people commenting about my pregnancy without me telling them I'm pregnant. Sad that it took 7 months for this day to come, but exciting nonetheless! I've had 2 or 3 old students see me on campus and react to my belly. All of them seemed so shocked and surprised. It was fun. And, some of my new students (the classes I'm taking over for) have also asked questions about the baby. It's just so nice to know that people don't think I'm just fat!

Also, I'm loving this "working three days a week" thing. I've never really been able to work, then come home, and not work (how strange does that seem). But now I can, I really can. I don't have to bring work home, I'm not constantly catching up with marking and lesson plans, etc... I left yesterday knowing that I was totally ready for everything next week, and now I've got the WHOLE weekend to ENJOY. Imagine that!?!?! I'm loving it.

Today, I did manage to sand (somewhat) the new chair rail in the nursery. Tomorrow I will try to paint it. Hopefully snobpapa will be able to sand the dresser and we'll paint that too. Fun times!

Can't wait for my Monday appt. It's sooooo weird to be going to the midwife every second week now. It makes the baby's arrival seem so much closer. 65 more days and counting.....

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Catching up - final installement

Ok, so I've covered last week till Wed. Now I have to see if my pathetically useless pregnant brain can remember what happened since then. Seriously, it amazes me how MUCH I can manage to forget. I am usually a VERY together person (not that I'm bragging, it's actually kind of a sickness, really... at times even embarassing).

Thursday was my lloooooonnnggg teaching day. It was very difficult for me, as I just wasn't used to all that standing and talking. I was actually feeling breathless during my last lecture stint. But, made it through. Then I got to come home to all the awesome work that snobpapa's step-dad did for us that day. He's off work right now due to knee surgery, yet still put in the time and effort to help us out on a few projects pre-baby. I'll post pics when everything is all done. He added a cupboard, shelves and hooks to our laundry room (looks awesome) and a chair rail to the nursery. I have to sand and paint the rail (hopefully this weekend) and he's going to put in another cabinet w/ a sink in the laundry room. Then I'll post some pics. But let me just say, I am sooooo thrilled! I never thought our laundry room would ever look like more than a tiny, useless room with a stacked washer/dryer. It's very small, and we never thought we could get more use out of it. If only we had asked for help earlier. We aren't exactly the handiest of couples.

But then, on the weekend, snobpapa proved that statement wrong! He stripped the dresser for the nursery and repainted it. Unfortunately, I told him to use the wrong roller, and the paint isn't great. We're going to sand and do one more coat (hopefully on the weekend) and it'll be set. Just need some new drawer pulls.

Things are really coming together! It's exciting!!!! More news to come...

We also had babasnob's birthday on Sunday. Her birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM) was actually Saturday, but family dinners are, by definition, Sunday. So... birthdays must move to accomodate! That was fun. Indian food (yummy!!!).

Aside from other "typical" weekend events (church, probably a hockey game, a little extra sleep), that's all to report on the weekend front.

This week thus far has been pretty uneventful. I'm soooo unbelievably tired with work. Only 2 days into my "work" week too! But, I haven't been sleeping. Meaning, really... hardly at all. Maybe 2 hours last night and 1 or 2 the night before. Combination of a crazy active baby, ridiculously small bladder (oh and it'll get smaller, oh joy!), lots of leg and hip pain, and just plain restlessness. I hope it resolves itself soon. I need sleep (as may be evident in this post). This wouldn't bother me at all, if it wasn't for work. I feel bad for my poor students.

OOOOHHHHH, and we booked an appt for a 4D ultrasound. I can't wait. Next Friday is the big day. It's going to be my birthday present. I can't wait (oh, I just said that). I just hope that our little baby cooperates and doesn't hide out!

Sorry my posts aren't wittier these days. Just trying to keep up with events. I'll hopefully develop wit somewhere along the way. That's the hope, anyways! For now, sleep is more important. So I'm off to prep for that (does warm milk still make you sleepy if you mix it with chocolate?? Does the caffeine in the chocolate kill the effects?? Maybe I'll just stick to a warm bath...). I'm hoping my tiredness will finally give me a solid night's sleep tonight. We'll see...

Monday, November 07, 2005

Hello new readers :)

Ok, so... I'm slow... but I just realized that I have some new readers to my blog. I find this very exciting, because when I first started, I was convinced that no one read my blog except for me. Then, one day, I got a comment. Snobpapa will attest to how excited I was about this. And the funny thing was, it was a spam comment. And now, I realize I have real genuine comments by readers. That made my day! Now I'm even more motivated to keep up with my posts (and not leave them all to recap my week in "catching up" posts)! Fun times!

Catching up Part II (Back to work)

Yes, last week was my first week back at work (covering for a coworker who went for surgery). It was a very light intro... just a midterm to administer on Tues, no lab on Wed, and 2-2 hour lectures on Thurs. The Thurs lectures were a little tough (especially on the back), but I recovered quickly. The great news is that I have a 4 day weekend to recover from each of those days. And, only 4 weeks of teaching left.

Also great news, something about working has really put my body back into "full force" mode. I'm getting WAY more done. I actually finished all the quilting on the baby quilt. I just have to finish the binding now (pics will follow soon). Also, the nesting bug has hit me big time! At least, I think it's the nesting, and not just my normal ridiculous desire to clean. I started out on Wed with the master bath. I cleaned EVERYTHING - windows, blinds, cupboards, drawers, doors... all together took about 3 hours. I hope to attack each room in our house with this vigor before baby comes. I hope I don't run out of steam!!

Today is Monday, so I'm off to get a little more housework done, do some class prep, and hopefully have some time left over to start on the crib skirt. It's gonna be a busy day (but an enjoyably busy day!)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Catching up (Part I - 29 weeker)

Wow... ok... so I blame work. That's why I'm so behind in my posts. I hope to catch up over the next few days, but we'll see how that goes.

First, my 29 week appt was last Monday. I'm now on to every 2 week visits (WOW). The big news (according to my midwife) was that our little girl is already head down. She's way ahead of the game. We're thinking it's cuz she's so incredibly BRILLIANT. It's like she knows the future. Trendy midwife says she will likely stay that way, as it takes a lot of effort for her now to move out of it. She may be brilliant, but she's also a little lazy. I have to label the midwives now, cuz there will be more. That's right... Trendy midwife decided she needed some help, so two new midwives will be around for my next visit. At first, I was quite sad about that, as it may mean that someone else delivers our baby. But, I've gotten used to it, and I will meet the new midwives many times, so I think I'll manage. I'll let ya know after I meet the next one in a week. Hopefully they aren't all as trendy as Trendy midwife, cuz then I'm gonna be stuck for names!!

I guess an appt deserves a pic too. All I've got right now is my 28 week pic, so you'll have to settle for that. I'll get some more done soon, with our new fabulous camera. Till then...