Monday, October 30, 2006

Too fast!

Aubrie needs to slow down!! Seems every day now, she's doing something new (and, more often than not, quite reckless!). She *finally* started waving, which is quite enjoyable. She's also started doing the cruise-and-transfer, actually walking along furniture and then changing pieces of furniture - AACK! It's way too early for her to be putting us through this, lol! So far, she's only bailed once... which actually resulted in me going out to buy the furniture guards I said I'd NEVER get (I'd rather teach her the danger of things rather than rubber-padding our entire house). But... I did only rubberize her play room... everything else in the house remains danger ridden, just the way we like it.

I really started to notice her tendencies today when my mom's group got together. All the other babies played nicely on the floor, crawling a little here and there. I, on the other hand, got to constantly chase after my little girl who was crawling over the stone fire place to get to the cords and electrical pieces behind the stereo system. Fun times!

In other news... I'm seriously considering switching my blogs to another site. I seem to be having one issue after another. Not that I seriously believe all those issues would disappear... but it's worth a shot, right? Any opinions on this?

We leave for Palm Desert on Thursday, so we're busy guetting ready... but I do hope to update when we are there (wireless internet - YAY). And, catch up on some blog reading too... I'm soooo far behind (in case everyone's wondering why my comments have diminished!).

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Belated 9 month review

Go figure, I come to blog… and blogger is down for maintenance! So, at least I’m getting the blog written, and I’ll upload it later tonight.

I STILL haven’t done a month 9 review! And Aubrie is almost 2 weeks into her tenth month. Oops! Really, it doesn’t seem like that much has changed. But, looking back on her 8 month review, I guess it has! She’s really motoring around these days. She crawls really quickly, pulls up on everything and anything, can cruise a little, and walk while pushing things (mainly chairs… we don’t particularly like this little habit, as it generally ends with baby on the floor). She’s really, really cut down on how much she throws up, which is truly a blessing (especially for the carpets and laundry!).

She’s still eating much of the same foods. She’s started drinking a little juice too, though I don’t like to give it to her too often. We started mainly due to her first cold, which she is just getting over. She’s also eating cheese, cauliflower, Brewer’s Yeast and kelp in her cereal (that stuff is soooooo disgusting, and yet soooo nutritious, she doesn’t seem to really care about either though!). We need to start her on more finger foods, as she really loves them.

Sleeping is the same. Who would have thought 7 or 8 months ago that she would turn out to be such a fantastic sleeper?!?! I’m so thankful every morning for that!

Oh, and one more tooth. Not sure exactly when that little guy came in. I keep thinking she’ll get the top two as well, but no luck yet.

She still LOVES giving big, open mouth kisses (can’t seem to teach her to keep her mouth closed!). She especially loves chasing the dog with her mouth open and laughing hysterically when he licks inside her mouth – YUCK! Poor Java, we keep telling him no, and then she chases him down and taunts him to do it again. He’s trying so hard to behave!

She’s also a great peek-a-boo player these days. She’ll initiate it herself. Though, she doesn’t quite understand that simply bowing her head and looking up isn’t really peek-a-boo… we can still see her, though we pretend we can’t. She’ll keep doing ANYTHING over and over and over and over again if it gets a cheer. Should make potty training quite easy down the road!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Hmmm... where are my flowers?

Ok, is it just me... or did my entire blog template vanish? Is everyone else just seeing a boring ocean-blue screen? Where did all my pretty graphics go?

I guess I know what I'm going to be trying to fix this weekend....

First cold

Well, we are officially on the mend from Aubrie's first cold (and my first cold since she was born). I'm almost 100%, she's probably about 75%. I'm probably just as happy to get it over with as she is! Now that she's getting better, she's back to being in to everything. She LOVES to stand, she's starting to cruise around furniture, she can tackle a few stairs if there's something she wants... in short... she's determined!

We're looking forward to next week and being able to get back into things. This week was spent mostly at home... and it got pretty boring!

Ok, boring post... sorry... just wanted to update!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

On my own

Ok, now that Les Mis song is going to be stuck in my head all day. But that's neither here nor there.

I tried to post yesterday, but blogger seems to have hit a glitch. My blogs were also a little screwy. Which reminds me... if you have trouble seeing my scrapping blog, it could be because you are using an old browser. Update your IE, or switch to Firefox (loooooove it... and it's free... and I am in no way affiliated with them... they just rock).

Ok, on to my post. Yesterday was my first full day with Aubrie by myself. Isn't that weird?? She's almost 9 months old! We've had the odd day here and there, but most of the time Chris is around (he was working from home before). Now, he's working at a new job (that he is VERY excited about), so we're on our own. Yesterday was actually quite nice. I got way more done than I had anticipated, which was fabulous. Aubrie's been very tired lately too, which helped (cuz she slept... a LOT). Today I woke up with a bit of dread though, as I'm doubtful she will be as easy as she was yesterday. But, hopefully it will all go well. I'm actually finding that it's easier to get things done now, as I have to find tricks to get everything done with her around.

BUT, she also manages to get into more trouble with just me around. So, off I run... before she swallows mouthfuls of the tissue paper she is currently playing with!

I leave you with a new pic. Isn't she adorable (I'm not biased or anything)!!!! Little boys, WATCH OUT!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

It's up, it's up!

I finally got my scrapbooking blog up and running. Go look! Enjoy!

Aubrie seems to be cutting another tooth... and hopefully soon! She's a challenge these days! But, also lots of fun in many respects. She's into everything - which sounds daunting, but it's great to see life from her perspective. It's so exciting, even the little things! She just started to pull up on things, and is giving up lots of mini panic attacks throughout the day. She's turning into a little daredevil.

Well, I'm actually blogged out from getting the new site up and running. I hope to continue both of them equally. So, don't give up on me yet! ;)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

She's alive

Yes, I'm still hear! I do realize it's been awhile since my last blog... things have just been, well... I don't even know. It's not that I'm all that busy. Aubrie keeps me busy, and I'm out and about a lot... but I guess I just haven't felt like blogging lately. So, rather than blog about nothing, I decided not to blog. Guess that was a mistake, 'cuz I got three emails from people wondering what happened to me! So, here's my blog entry about pretty much nothing.

Well, I guess not nothing. Chris got the job he interviewed for. He starts after the long weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving, wow, that crept up on me!) and he's really excited. It's with a *major* video game company, though I'm not sure I'm supposed to say which one. He's very very excited (I said that already, didn't I?).

With it, though, is the reality that he will now be *leaving* the house to work. I'm sure this is going to hit Aubrie and I very hard at first. It's wonderful to have him around. But, on the other hand, I think it will also be great for him to have that special "home-from-work" time with Aubrie (and great for me too). It'll be an adjustment, that's for sure.

It also means buying a second car. Hmmm, that's another blog.

In my news, I've decided to start as a consultant for the scrapbooking products I love. I've finally gotten around to doing a good amount of scrapbooking, and thought this would be a great reason to do even more (and spend even more, hahaha). I hope to start a separate scrapbooking blog to share some tips, techniques and layouts. But, we'll wait till I'm up and running first. Hopefully soon!

Aubrie is going, going, going these days. Everyday she seems to gain speed, and she hates to be in the same place for long. She's definitely in a fun phase right now though! We're really enjoying it.

That's it... told ya... boring. I'll try to keep everyone posted more often. And a big shout out to everyone who I haven't had a chance to check your blogs recently. Or, maybe I have, just no chance to comment. I'm still here, *waves*.