Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday, seriously?

I can't figure out where the week went! I meant to blog every day, but every day, something came up. I never seem to get the time in front of the computer anymore.

I missed my 100th post. Can you believe that? I'm about 12 posts too late. I meant to do the standard "100 things" for my 100th post... but alas, I missed it. Oops. I guess I'm going to have to come up with 200 things for my 200th post. Yikes!

Aubrie has become a soother snob. She's sensitive about many things... sleep, people, schedule... but generally, anything in her mouth she shows no preferences. Any bottle is fine, any formula is fine, any food is fine (even if she makes a face, she keeps eating it!). But she's finally started to snub all her soothers except for the coveted MAM's. I bought these soothers one day because I needed some larger soothers, and the avent and nuk soothers had hideous designs. I didn't like them much because they had to handle to attach it to her clothing. So, she got them in her crib. Now, heaven forbid if I put her in her crib with any other soother. If the MAM is there, she will pluck out her current soother and pop in the MAM. She definitely prefers them. So, I'm off today to get some more of them. She's teething these days, so what Aubrie wants, Aubrie gets.

I did notice on the website that you CAN buy tethers for them (they attach with stretchy plastic over the knob). Only, what are the chances that I will ever find one in Canada? Probably slim. Too bad they are from the UK.

Monday, August 21, 2006


I hate when I miss a chunk of time in the blogging world. It really does feel like I lose touch with old friends (despite everyone being relatively new friends, who I've mostly never met in person!). Plus, I always forget about all the little things I've thought to blog about, so then they never get blogged, and that's sad. They're generally not very important, but it bugs me that I forget them!

Things have been pretty crazy here lately. I've been attacking those "lists" with such vigor that I'm totally exhausted now. I'm heading to burn-out mode, so I better slow down this week!

I went to a scrapbook party on Thursday, which was tons of fun and now I'm more motivated to work on that book of mine. I got some done on Friday, but still haven't made much of a dent.

I'm doing LOTS of painting. I didn't realize just how much work it was going to be to paint my upstairs area. I spent about 5 hours yesterday edging, and I haven't even done the first coat of edging!! I hate doors! I have managed to finish all the residual trim throughout the house that I wanted to paint, and Aubrie's play room is now done. I'll get to posting some pics sometime soon.

Aubrie is now officially weaned. It's kind of sad, but I knew it would have to come some time. Plus, I figure that it's going to be even harder if I wait several more months. I didn't fully plan to wean her yet... but my body had other plans. I didn't fight it though. I'm so glad to finally be getting my body back to myself after more than a year!

I guess that's all for now. A little boring, but at least I'm here! Like I said, I'm pretty exhausted, so not much for witty banter.

Happy Monday everyone!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sucker for lists

That's me... I'm a sucker for lists. I don't actually write them down (like my dad has ALWAYS done, I'm sure that's where I get it from), I keep them in my head to torment me on a daily basis. Maybe if I wrote them down, they wouldn't stress me out so much. Hmmm, it's a thought.

So, I've had this ridiculously long lists of things I want to do while on mat leave. Cuz, when am I EVER going to get these things done when I go back to work (in 4 months - AAAAHHHHHHH, that's another post). I've been trying to make a dent in them lately, but it's not working very well. I want to have Aubrie's scrapbook done... I've finished ONE page. I want to get the upstairs painted... still working on picking the colors.

We tried to get lots done this weekend, but it just didn't work out that way. I feel like I need another weekend. I spent Saturday at my brother's new and amazingly gorgeous place painting. Why? Because I'm such a loving sister (read... I'm ridiculously selfish and jumped at the chance to spend a day sans-baby while baba baby-sat, even if it meant painting all day, which, I actually quite enjoy). Then, Sunday I got a lot done, but not nearly enough. I'm still catching up on housework. *Sigh* if only we had about 20 more hours in a day. Oh, and that's assuming babies slept that 20 extra hours.

So, I continue on with my list in tow, letting it forever haunt me. I'm hoping to at least get all the colors picked for the upstairs this week, and maybe one more page scrapbooked. There's more on the list, but I won't bore you with it all. Hopefully, I can share as I cross things off it!!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Review of month #7

Yes, today Aubrie is 7 months old... so I figured, for pretty much the sake of my own records (since I haven't been keeping track of her milestones very well), I would do a quick post reviewing her 7th month (that way of counting still takes getting used to... though I guess it makes sense cuz we have to count those first 30 days or so as the 1st month eh?).

So, this month started off with some shakey sitting that was usually followed by plummeting all 14 inches to get to the ground. She got the hang of sitting pretty quickly, and now she's a pro (unless she tries hard to reach something in a strange location). She also started getting up into a crawling position and can rock back and forth really well. She lifts one leg as if to crawl, but doesn't actually move it forward. She does manage to push herself backwards quite frequently. Once, we caught her in her crib in a sitting position... not sure how she got that way, but she's never done it since. She can now get into a crawl position from sitting (without banging her head... that's talent).

Food-wise, not too much new. She still eats solids twice a day. We tried 3 times, but the vomitting got to bad, so we went back to 2. She seems to like 2 times. Generally, she eats fruit and oatmeal in the morning and a veggie and rice or barley cereal in the evening. She's now at only one breastfeeding session a day (before bed) but that's fairly new. She doesn't seem to want to keep that one at all, so we might phase it out in the next few weeks. Other new foods... hmmm, I think we started squash this month, carrots, peas, pears, applesauce, prunes, yogurt (not succesful), and I think that's about it. We also started on a few finger foods - she loves organic teething biscuits (they taste disgusting), rice husks, veggie puffs, but not a fan of Cheerios.

Sleep-wise, we had some rocky moments this month at the beginning... but they've gotten better. Now she takes some pretty solid naps at around 9 and 2 (usually 2 hours). We've managed to push her bedtime a little later (around 7), so she's managing to stay content in her crib till 6am most days (yay).

I guess that's about it. Sorry for the boring post. I'll try to update about our crazy weekend tomorrow...

Friday, August 11, 2006

Count with me folks


Does it occur to me what comes after 10? No... not yesterday, when I knew it was the 10th and I proceeded to make tentative plans to go out for drinks today with my friend Shawna. And then today hits... it's the 11th. Ya, that would be my 5 year anniversary with the world's greatest husband. So, uhm... now I feel like a tool for even thinking of making plans to ditch on my motherly duties for a night out... without said husband.

We already had our celebration. We spent 7 hours out on our own (no baby) to enjoy a Cirque du Soleil show and a lovely dinner (oh, and some shopping). It was a great day. We've never ever been ones to make a big deal of our anniversary. I guess we don't really see it as any big accomplishment to have spent another year enjoying each other's company. Best friends' don't celebrate each passing year, do they?

But, I think we both reflect on how lucky we are (or, at least... I reflect, and I sit and hope that he does the same). I get to spend every day with my best friend in the whole world... and he cooks most of the time too. He also puts up with my every mood swing, bad day, rambling rants, whining ongoings... I'm sure that list goes on. I could never have asked or dreamt for more.

I wish I had a pic from our wedding, but alas, it was pre-digital-camera-days. So, a pic from someone else's wedding will have to do...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Another Wednesday

And so comes Wednesday confessions. Yes, I know I'm not very consistent with these... but at least I'm trying! Plus, there will come a time, believe it or not, when I just might run out of things I am willing to confess to the entire internet community. Shocking, I know.

Today's confession is all about mommy ineptitude. I have a theory that EVERY mom has at least one mommy-skill that they are totally and completely inept at. For some, it's the baby bath, for others... swaddling, or getting a diaper to stay on well every time, or... I'm sure the list goes on. I'm sure I have a few that I could use some work on, but lately I've been noticing that I am completely and utterly incapable of getting shoes on my daughter. I don't know why I can't get them on. Doesn't matter what socks she's wearing, or no socks, or the type of shoe. I just can't get them on her. If I do... it's a fluke. It's not becuase they are too small either. Quite the opposite. She has yet to fit into her 0-6mo crib shoes, and is still far from a size 2 shoe. (Do they even sell size 1?? I've never found them). I don't know what it is about those silly shoes.

If anyone has some age-old tricks... do pass them on!

And yay, I finally got around to changing the look of the blog. Do we like???

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What now?

It's sad when it's been so long since you've been regularly blogging that you forget your own weekly rituals. Was it confession Tuesdays, or confession Wednesdays??? And don't you find that after a long weekend (yay BC day) it's impossible to figure out what day it is. I'm pretty sure I have to leave my confession till tomorrow though.

So, today, instead, a thought (and perhaps a well-needed lesson in punctuation... I'm a chemist... I don't get punctuation... obviously). All you moms know what I'm talking about here - I hate the dreaded "what now" moment. You know the one... you've rushed to get everything done in the time you have (whether baby is sleeping, playing, whatever) and now you've got like 5 minutes. It's not enough to do anything useful... so you generally end up wasting it on whatever. It's not like you can do the dishes, or even get some quality "mom time". It's such a totally useless portion of time. And then, you wonder, at the end of the week... man, if I only could have "banked" those "what now" times. Imagine if you got them all at once. A whole weeks worth of "what now" times. Ahhh, the sweetness.

Are you there God, it's me, Cari......... please???? (Oh dear, I'm referencing Judy Blume... it's time for sleep)

Monday, August 07, 2006


Yes, I finally did it... I updated the blogroll!!! It's been ages that I've been meaning to do it. Now that I have, I'm sure it's obvious why I never seem to get around to commenting on all the blogs I frequent... there's just so many of them! There are actually a few more that I read too, but they aren't on my RSS feed, so maybe I'll add them another time (wait, how long did it take me to update the first time????).

But, alas, I'm always a sucker for more blogs to read. So... if you've got one I'd be interested in and don't know about, feel free to let me know.

And yes, I will do an "Aubrie update" soon. Just not today, I don't think, cuz I'm really tired and not quite thinking coherently. Aubrie, what Aubrie? I have a daughter somewhere?? Oh ya, she's sleeping. I should be sleeping. Nothing at all to do with Aubrie, I just couldn't sleep last night. Blah....

Oh so very coherent....

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Ok, ok... I know... I have TONS to catch up on now that I have my computer back. But, instead, I shall reply to a tag that I missed due to the lack of computer situation (sorry Randi, I would have replied had I seen it earlier!).

So, without further ado, after being tagged by the very handsome Landon...

3 Things

3 Things That Scare Me:
Toppling over when sitting
Slipping around in the bathtub
Hmmm... that's about it

3 People That Make Me Laugh:

3 Things I Love:
Walks in the stroller (especially with Zoe)
Having my hair/head rubbed

3 Things I Dislike:
Being kept awake when I'm sleepy
Anyone turning off the tv when I want to watch it
Sitting still

3 Things I Like To Play With:
Anything made of fabric
Anything made of leather
My toy phone (or real phone, or remote controls of any sort)

3 Things I Don't Understand:
Why I can't eat all the time
Where things go when I throw them
Why I can't pull Kahlua's fur

3 Things On My Dresser:
CD player
Pickles the Giraffe
That's it (unless you count the change table as a dresser... then there's lots of stuff)

3 Things I'm Doing Right Now:
Sleeping (hopefully)
Sucking on my soother

3 Things I Can Do:
Sit up
Throw things

3 Ways to Describe My Personality:

3 Things I Can't Do:
Eat or drink anything without throwing up a large portion of it

3 Things I Think You Should Listen To:
My singing... I sing all the time
Mommy and daddy's singing, they sing all the time to me (probably why I sing all the time)
Once Upon a December (my current favorite song)

3 Things I Think You Should Never Listen To:
My baba singing (sorry mom)
My wail when I realize my mom's not around (mom hears this when she comes to get me from the church nursery)
Old Macdonald done by Sesame Street on our cd that Zoe's papa made us... something is wrong with it and it keeps repeating the intro... it's very creepy

3 Absolute Favorite Foods:
Sweet Potatos

3 Thinks I'd Like to Learn:
How to crawl
How to get up to a sitting position
How to talk

3 Beverages I Drink Regularly:
Mommy's milk
Enfalac formula

3 Shows I Watch:
Blues Clues
Dora the Explorer
Global News (I love the weather)