Friday, September 23, 2005

Wow, I really miss them

Not that it surprises me... but it's sad. I really do miss my students, and the general student population in general. This morning I woke up to four, yay four, email messages for former students. Just saying "hi", or asking for help, or asking for old notes. Even when they are demanding, I still miss them. It almost makes me want to take the effort to get ready, hop in my car, drive the one hour to campus, and sit in my office (with little to do) hoping for a few to come by to chat. But then... gas is stupid expensive - I'm not that sentimental.

And so, again... it's almost 10, still haven't started PD work yet... but enjoying my email instead. Though, the lab manual draft is in, so I don't even have that much more to do now. Maybe this is a self-preservation move on my part. I stall every morning because I know that I have so little to do... when it's done, I'll have nothing to stall from. Yikes!

Oooh, and I love the fact that other bloggers admit to being clean freaks. And that yes... it can survive children. So all you people who keep telling me I will stop my maniacal cleaning upon the arrival of my precious child... I give you Rock Star Mommy.
Hehehehe.... still a self-professed clean freak!

Thursday, September 22, 2005


This is the first day so far this week that I have been ready to start work before 10am. It's a miracle. And yet, here I am... stalling. No particular reason, I'd just rather be doing other things. But then, who wouldn't, right?

Yesterday, my work day was cut short for a shopping trip. Much needed, as I have a wedding to go to in 1 1/2 weeks. Let me tell you... shopping for a nice dress at 5 1/2 months pregnant is equivalent to torture. Not that I've ever been tortured... ok, maybe I'm exaggerating. It was not fun.

I gave up looking for a dress... they all looked like hideous sacks that belong on someone twice my age (and a poorly dressed woman of twice my age at that). Finally I just spent way too much on a blouse. One single blouse. That I will wear with black pants. How boring. I'm thoroughly un-thrilled. I guess I'll get my hair done. Though I'm not thrilled with my hair these days either. I really wish it would stop getting so darn thick.

But that's enough whining. I'm off to have a (hopefully) very productive day.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Gettin back to normal...

Hmmm, whatever "normal" is these days. I still haven't quite figured that out. And it's been over a MONTH that I've been on PD (professional development, for you non-teacher types).

The weekend stress wore off quite quickly. After the stag (which went very well) and the shower (also went well... but TONS of left over food!!!!), we're back to the regular "excitement" in our household (well, lack-there-of, really).

I had a ton of fun planning the shower. Got to do lots of fun, crafty things, like this diaper cake...

Now, it's back to the crafty things I've been avoiding for a little while - the baby quilt. I've made good progress, but have stalled lately due to the never-ending guilt of not working enough on my PD projects. But, the PD projects are almost done... so I can spend a few hours a day quilting away.

In terms of my pregnancy symptoms, yesterday I got hit with what I'm sure was the worst headache/migraine I've EVER had (and I've had my fair share of headaches). Loss of vision, nausea, the pain radiated down my entire upper body. It was nasty. I was almost wishing early labor... that way, I would have something to take my mind off the headache. Go figure. But alas, way too early even for early labor.

I did take my first Tylenol since the infamous Tylenol-incident of first trimester. This time... it worked... and didn't cause any horrible side effects. Yay for drugs.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Some pics

Ok, so I FINALLY got to erasing my digital camera and transfering the files. There were pictures from Christmas... that's how long it took me to get around to it! Sheeesh! So, here are some belly pics for all you who have asked. They aren't great quality, cuz I took them myself. We'll try for some better ones in the future. One from week 18, one from week 22. I think it's terrible obvious which is which. I just wish my butt wasn't growing in proportion to my tummy. I'm loving the tummy, hating the rest that comes with the big tummy. Today, I morn the loss of my former lower body.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


2 weeks between posts... I'm really getting bad at this, aren't I? I keep thinking about blogging, but when it all comes down to it... not much happens when I'm barely working. I love to read lots of blogs, and most of them don't have much to say either... but they always seem to have more to say than I do. And then, I read blogs of ladies who just gave birth and still manage to fit more blogs in a week than I do, and I just feel bad. So, I vow to do better. I do really want a better record of my pregnancy and life-there-after.

So, a brief recap of the last two weeks, or as much as I can remember...

- major washing machine chaos. It leaked, flooding our laundry room floor, then leaking through the roof into our living room (when we finally noticed the problem). We've since had a technician out who basically said "don't use that cycle", and that was that. Yay, we can do laundry again.

- nursery has it's first coat of paint. Unfortunately, I have no idea when the next coat will get on. I can't roll so well, so snobpapa has to do it... which he really doesn't like. More than him hating to roll is me hating to continuously nag him. Argh.

- yes, I keep forgetting to take new belly pics. It seems pointless now to post the ones from a month ago. I'll get on it one of these days

- we have the weekend-o-stress coming up... snobpapa is organizing a stag for our friend Alex, which will be partially at our home (poker et al after the festivities). I'm going to stay with my parents... but the very next day I have a baby shower to host. I can't cook. This should be interesting.

- did I mention we are having a girl??? YES of COURSE I did! Still excited!! Lots of shopping has ensued. I'll start posting some pics of purchases, nursery, etc... I'll get on that right after I actually manage to take some belly pics. Sheesh.

- midwife appt today. Hopefully she can give me an ounce of hope that I can get through the next four months with at least ONE FREAKIN DAY when I'm not sick and coughing like, um, something that coughs a heck of a lot (and it hurts).

- hired a doula... never thought I would, but I decided to interview one, and really quite liked her. This way, if snobpapa passes out, or has to leave, or decides video gaming would be a better use of his time, I'll have someone there (I'm quite glad we don't have a portable gaming device of any sort... if you don't count the ancient "first edition game boy" that only has Tetris... hmmm, maybe I'll bring that for me).

Hmm, that's all I can remember right now. I will update soon... honest... I think...