Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wiggle dance

This is a test to see if I can get my camera videos to show here. Here's a quick shot of Aubrie doing her famous wiggle dance...

Man down

Again, sorry for the few days sans-blog... Sunday afternoon Chris ended up in the ER with a separated shoulder, so I've been getting used to a little extra work around here lately. It's his right arm, so there are quite a few things he can no longer do (including holding Aubrie) for the next 6-8 weeks. AACK!

It has helped me realize just how much he does around the house. Since Aubrie's birth, he has cooked most of the meals, usually cleans the kitchen (without being asked - a huge bonus!), helps with some of the chores, watches Aubrie while I get house stuff done, takes out the garbage... I'm sure there's even more! Essentially, all things he can no longer do one-handed. All I can say is thank GOODNESS this happened now, and not 10 weeks ago!!!! At least now, Aubrie doesn't mind a few minutes in her swing or exersaucer!

In other news, I'm TOTALLY excited that I'm now starting to fit into my old clothes (well, the pants, anyways). I hit another "10-lb transition" and now am up to just over a 30 lb loss. YAY! I'm just so excited to have some of my wardrobe back. I can even get into my size 4's! Though, they still went back into storage, as they are not at all comfortable! Ain't nothin wrong with size 6 for awhile longer!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Intelligent kids these days

I was out walking Java and one of the neighborhood boys (who always has to pet Java) came to talk to me. He insists on calling Java "Jaba", as does his entire family. Today he seemed to somewhat clue in...

Little Boy: Hey Jaba
Me: It's Java (I've corrected him sooooo many times)
LB: Hey Jaba (and yes, he's old enough to pronounce Java)
Me: Java, with a V
LB: with a B?
Me: No, with a V, like Violet
LB: His name is Violet?
Me: *Sigh*...
LB: Why do you have a dog and a baby?

WHAT A GOOD QUESTION!!!!!! Especially today, after Java pranced right up to Aubrie's play mat and peed on it. Fantastic.

Anyone want a dog?

We had a horrible night last night. I think it mainly hit me because I'm not used to it these days. Aubrie woke up at midnight and took over an hour to get back to sleep. Then, up at 3am... and pretty much cat-napped the rest of the night (read: I got no sleep from then on). I'm feeling quite deprived. She's a bear today, as am I. It's a house full of cranky women... fun times.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Blame it on lack of wires

My silly wireless internet connection was on the fritz again. I had a post ready on Thursday, but I lost it due to the connection and well... just haven't felt like dealing with the on-again-off-again connection, so I've stayed away from the computer all together. Chris seems to have fixed it again, so hopefully it stays put for a few days!

Now, of course, I can't even remember what's new or blog-worthy! Probably not much. I was pretty excited about season 2 of "So You Think You Can Dance" on Thursday... until I saw it... enough said. I ran some errands on Friday and went to the gym. Today my parents came by, then I went to go see baby Marcus (he's just over 4 weeks old) and visit with good friends Tom and Jamie (and 2 year old Simon).

Aubrie was grueling today at bedtime (can you use grueling to describe a person??). Just over 2 hours till she was asleep. I think it has somewhat put a damper on my blogging abilities. In the end, I had to forgo her usual swaddle. And yet, she has a strange addiction to fabric (future fashion designer??). She grabbed my shirt for 20 minutes, when I finally got it out of her hands, I had to replace it with her swaddling blanket. It's the first time I've let a blanket into her crib without it being wrapped tightly around her. I tucked it into the mattress, but I must say... it still makes me ridiculously nervous. I know she won't stay asleep without it though. Seems that fabric in the mouth is 10 times better than a soother or a hand. Go figure.

Well, I'm off to go get some reading in. I'm reading "Memoirs of a Geisha" and thoroughly loving it. I want to get through it quickly so that I can watch the movie. I just can't wait to see how they translate it onto screen. I didn't think I'd like the book, because it was originally recommended to me several years ago by a fellow grad student I had little respect for (long story). I'm glad I picked it up though!

Ok, sorry for the bland blog today. Maybe tomorrow, Aubrie will do handstands and I can post about how exciting that was.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Confession Wednesdays...

Ok, so some bloggers do "self-portrait Tuesdays". I suck at posting pictures and taking pictures, transferring them, blah blah blah... so I'm starting "Confession Wednesdays". Feel free to join me!

Today's confession - I don't make my bed. I feel quite guilty about this. I was taught to make my bed. My parents still make their bed. Why don't I? Well, it all started around grad school, when I would leave much earlier than Chris... so I couldn't make a bed with a husband in it. Then, when I started working... same problem. And well, boys don't make beds. So now, I just haven't gotten back in the habit.

I really want to teach Aubrie to make her bed... but I honestly can't figure out why!!! Can someone tell me why it's so important? I did a search, and all I could come up with was why it's important NOT to make our beds - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/4181629.stm


I hate the messy look of an unmade bed (hence I shut our bedroom door everyday), but I can't manage to get into the habit, and now I'm stressed over yucky bugs. AACK!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It's A Winner!

We ended up buying Aubrie and exersaucer yesterday, and she absolutely loves it!

I'm sure she'll love it even more when she is able to manouever in it a little better (she's still a little floppy, and can't quite master the turning). She had a great time. I had just as much fun putting it together... I love putting together baby stuff! Yay!

What is it with new moms and non-fat vanilla lattes? Why is it that it seems that EVERY new mom chooses that as their drink of choice? Maybe it's just a west-coast thing. After the exercise class today, the Esquires Coffee Shop (conveniently located in the gym) was packed full of the new moms. We ALL ordered the same thing. So weird. I've noticed it elsewhere too. The only difference was that lots of moms also got sugar-free. What the heck? How is it syrup if it's sugar-free? What's the point?? Syrup = sugar... that's what makes it so darn good! They mistakenly gave me the sugar-free variety today. Let me tell you - sooooo not the same!

And ok... blech! What is with my internet connection these days. It just died, which means I'm going to have to copy and save this post, reboot the computer, log in again, and repost. I lose my silly connection all the time. Man... I hate wireless! The magical power is in the wire - take away the wire and chaos ensues.

And AAAHHH, car alarms - make them stop!!!!!!!!! (As Aubrie wakes up... this is turning into a frustrating evening!)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Blah weekend

Which is why I haven't posted much... there just isn't much to post about! Aubrie hasn't been napping very well this weekend, so it has meant that I haven't really had time to finish the housework, or anything else I wanted to get done this weekend (namely, so reorganization of my office closet - which is a mess!). As a result of not finishing much, I've been feeling very blah (I hate to not accomplish things I set out to do). I would like to get to the gym today, but I just can't seem to find the energy. I know I'll feel better if I go, so I will try to go after Aubrie's next feeding.

I've literally sat here for 5 minutes, wondering what I could possibly blog about (without going on and on about how blah I feel... I could do that all day). Not much has happened in the last few days. I'm very anxious to get Aubrie's new stroller, which we bought through ebay, so we have to wait for it to arrive. Plus, the ebay lady keeps screwing up the tracking number, so I can't even check to see where it is. Phooey. We got a nice small Maclaren to make trips to the mall, etc a little easier. It's funny how I get so excited about new things for Aubrie. I'm dying to go out and buy her a jumperoo and an exersaucer... I just haven't made a decision on either of them, so I've been stalling. It seems crazy to shell out another $200 plus for activity centers for her, despite knowing that she will probably love them. Maybe I'll try to make a decision on one of them and go pick it up today - that would be fun!

Ok, I'm rambling quite aimlessly here, but I wanted to make sure I got a post in. So... let me leave it up to you:

Jumperoo, exersaucer, or both?? What's your take?

Friday, May 19, 2006

New name, and other ramblings

Ok... so I've decided that I REALLY need to switch up the name of my blog. See, it was cute and funny before I had a baby and knew lots of other new moms - but now that I see that snobby new moms really do exist... and are really unpleasant... it's not longer funny to refer to myself as one, even if it is in jest.

The name did have a basis... you see, the vast majority of my friends will admit that before they knew me, they thought I was quite snobby. Not because I ever did anything mean, but because in general, I tend to be very quiet at social gatherings. But, not the "shy" kind of "wallflower" quiet. Apparently, it's the kind of quiet that makes people think that I think I'm better than their conversation. I still don't understand the difference, but anyways... They all agree that I am, by no means, a snob. I just don't feel the need to interject into conversations unless I have something important to say. Now, that is true in larger social circumstances. Around my family... so not the case!!!! No one's been able to shut me up since I started talking. I guess it all balances out. Funny thing is, "snobpapa" is the same way (minus the talkative with family bit...), so people often think the same thing about him before they know him. Put the two of us together, and we can often come across as the world's most snobby couple. So, the blog name made sense at one time. Now, not so much.

So, I need help! Help me come up with a better blog name!!! Or, convince me that the current name is not absolutely terrible.

I've also decided that it's pretty pointless to continue to not mention names on my blog, considering how I mention my daughter's name and post pics of her as well. Plus, many of my blogging friends post their names... even bloggers who have HUGE readerships and get paid for blogging (which reminds me, I REALLY need to update my blogroll - there are so many other fabulous ones that I read!). So, let it be known that my name is Cari, and my husband's name is Chris. From now on, I will cease to refer to either of us as snob-anything! Oh, and the dog is Java (though I haven't mentioned him in ages... and often forget to feed him these days).

Grocery shopping yesterday went very well. Aubrie seemed to quite enjoy it. It's a relief to know that I don't have to find someone to watch her every time I need to do the groceries!

This morning, however, I left her at home with Chris so that I could do a little shopping for myself. It's very difficult to try things on with her in tow. She didn't do so well at home... and then when I came home... she was equally as pissed off. Everything made her scream. I finally got her to eat and go for a nap (yay), which I'm sure she desperately needed. So, hopefully we have a happy little girl upon her awakening.

Speaking of shopping, today was the dreaded (DREADED) purchase of a new swimsuit. EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!! Just when you think you are on your way back to your old self... Let's just say it wasn't fun! I was able to find a really cheap swimsuit, so hopefully I will not have to wear it long and I'll be able to buy a smaller one that I don't feel so awful in. I'm hoping to start taking Aubrie to the pool next week (we may even start a mom&baby aquasize class), hence the need for a new swimsuit.

My apologies for the somewhat disjointed and rambling post. I thought of breaking it into separate posts... but nah.

Off to go get some housework done while Aubrie enjoys her nap. Then, time to enjoy the LONG WEEKEND (yay!).

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Nekked toga

I mentioned the toga look the other day, and this morning she woke up the same... so I grabbed a picture of it!

(And yes... we're still using cloth diapers, just not at night. I'm too scared to mess with her sleeping these days!)

Why do they do this?

Ok, so after our appointment for shots yesterday (complete with the full weigh-in), I was quite baffled when I went to dress Aubrie this morning in a 3-6 month sleeper and it barely fit. Then, I look on the tag, and under the "3-6 months" it says 12-17 lbs and 22-26 inches. Yikes! Why do they make the clothing like that? Aubrie is just barely over the 12 lbs, but is gaining quickly on the 26 inches. So, she's bound to outgrow all her 3-6 month clothing while it's still ridiculously baggy on her. Phooey! I just wish SOMETHING would fit her well, for once. On that note, I wish SOMETHING would fit me well too - but that's another post!

Today I hope to venture out to get groceries. This is still a task we have yet to accomplish with baby in tow. She doesn't do well on those types of outings (mall trips are not fun). We can stay really darn busy with various baby activities, that she loves... but the second you try to do something that isn't focused around her, she has a little fit. Go figure!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

No kidding...

Gotta love this conversation:

Mrs. Other New Mommy I'll Never Chat With Again: So... how long has Aubrie been rolling over for?

Me: Uhm... she's not

Mrs. ONMINCWA: Seriously, not even front to back?? (FYI - her baby is younger than Aubrie)

Me: Nope... nothing yet... maybe a little back to side action

Mrs. ONMINCWA: Wow, really?

Me: Yes, really.

Mrs. ONMINCWA: Have you taken her to the doctor yet?

WTF??? Seriously???? Sorry, but my baby is too busy teaching herself differential calculus to be worried about rolling (lol). How often do you roll on a daily basis (not counting in bed)? Is it that necessary a skill that it requires doctor's supervision? Can I help it if my little girl is more into problem solving and fine motor skills? I think that will be much more usefull in general life - but did I say that to other said mom - no!!! Nor did I say the many other things that ran through my mind at the time. Sheesh!!!!! (Grumble grumble grumble)

On another note... Aubrie measured in at 12 lbs 6 oz today, and a whopping 25 inches. Where she gets that height from is beyond me!!! And the four month shots - total cake-walk! Yay for baby tylenol!

Whadya know?

I already missed a day! Go figure! I really did mean to pop by yesterday and say hi to the blogging world... but once Aubrie was asleep, it was just TOO DARNED HOT to spend any time anywhere else but our nice cool basement. You see, here on the west coast of Canada, where it usually rains, it is not common at ALL to have central a/c in homes. So, when it gets hot (like yesterday), our house gets very very very hot. On the main floor, it was 32 degrees celsius (that's just shy of 90F for all you Americans). And on the top floor... even hotter (no temp gauge up there). Luckily, we have one portable a/c unit, so we used it to cool Aubrie's room down somewhat before she went to bed, then it went into the master bedroom so that we would be able to sleep also (if it wasn't ridiculously loud, we would have kept it in Aubrie's room... but that just wasn't feasible). On the up side, Aubrie really seemed to like the naked sleeping arrangement. She slept through the night again (yipee) and woke up around 5:45am. I shoulda taken a picture when I went in to get her. She had her swaddle blanket all wrapped around her tummy only in a toga style, and was all giddy like "look at me, I'm nekkked!". Seems it's a hit with her.

Oh, and the "baby power" class is just as difficult as the "strollerobics" class. Yikes my legs and arms hurt!!!! And today another mom and I had planned on walking the beach after Mothergoose... I'm gonna need a wheel chair! And some new pants - cuz the maternity pants I'm STILL wearing look absolutely ridiculous! Not to mention that I have no pants lighter than cords or jeans, which is not very helpful in today's heat!

And no, I don't spend ALL of my non-mommy time watching tv... but can I just say, for all of you AI fans out there... I do NOT understand the hype about Elliot. Aside from the cool name, I find no redeaming qualities about the guy. I can't even watch him sing (yay for PVR's, I can just skip over it). The guy is just really really odd looking, and not that great of a singer. It's very rare that I ever think someone is unattractive. Yes, some people are more attractive than others - but I always find that at least 99% of the general population has some attractive characteristics. Elliot, not so much. Oh how I miss Chris. But... I can't say too much, cuz I'm not that much of a fan that I actually vote. But if I did... I would have voted for Chris. Sniffle sniffle...

Monday, May 15, 2006


This picture always makes me giggle!

Let's see...

Let's see how long I can keep up blogging on a more regular basis. Why? Because I keep thinking how terrible it is that I won't have any record of what life was like in the first year of my daughter's life. All these things that I *meant* to do (including blogging, getting a scrap-book started, continuously adding to said scrapbook)... well, they ain't happening these days. I feel kinda bad. So, here's to trying to keep up with one of them. Plus, now that I've got more going on in my days, the blog is less likely to be "all-baby-all-the-time-a-la-the-cheesy-new-tv-station" (which is so wrong, on so many levels, IMO).

So, as Aubrie finishes up her nap (which I swear, will end while I'm in the middle of this post, cuz that's how she rolls)... I'll do my best to be witty (however, the art of witty has yet to fully return to me post-baby... or maybe I never even had it... funny how being a mom allows you to see a WHOLE new side of yourself eh?).

Speaking of things that being a mom allows you to see - I never really had a good idea of what mother's day would be like. I thought it would be all about taking time to myself, enjoying a day with less to do, getting waited on, etc etc. But... when it all came down to it (although I REALLY loved my gift, and REALLY loved having extra help), it turned out to be more of a day when I got to think about how much I absolutely adore being a mom! I enjoyed every minute I spent with Aubrie yesterday - even the 1/2 hour that she absolutely SCREAMED because heaven forbid I try to give her her regular pre-bed bath when she was really tired. The bath lasted about 30 seconds, followed by lots of wailing and the "how-could-you" cries until she was fed and asleep in her cozy bed... where she continued to sleep from 7pm till 7am... WOW (and no... that doesn't happen often! Total fluke). Ok, where was I?? Oh ya, loving the time with baby - I really really do love my time with Aubrie. She's finally getting to the point where her crying makes sense (as in, we generally know why she's crying and how to fix it), so it never phases me. And, she cries much less these days and has a blast when she's not. I wish I knew how to enjoy life that much. Really... if a little rattle or a mirror could make me squeel with glee... imagine what a new car might do? If I could burst out in uncontrollable laughter when someone smiled at me... imagine if I watched a comedy? WOW! It's so fun to watch her enjoy life so much. The things we could learn from babies!

On a "non-baby" note - why didn't everyone vote for Terry? I know he wasn't in the final two... but couldn't people vote for him anyways? Wouldn't that have made for a great ending? There must have been something in their contracts or something. Sheesh.

And on a "semi-baby" note - who knew that something as pansy-sounding as "strollerobics" could be such a tough work out!!! I figured it would be a minor work-out - just something to wake me up a little in the morning. Holy golly am I sore!!! Today was Strollerobics Monday. It gets followed by "Baby Power" Tuesdays (a strength training workout using baby as a weight... I'll let ya know how it goes, it starts tomorrow). We then give our body a break with Mothergoose Wednesdays (though this is our last week - I'm gonna miss the cheesy songs). So far, that's all the planned activities we've committed to, and we really enjoy them!

Hope everyone had a great Mother's day! We're off to enjoy the weather when sleepyhead wakes up!