Thursday, November 23, 2006

10 months!

Wow, time flies!

Aubrie is moving around a ton these days... super fast at crawling and cruising. She has started to attempt to stand on her own, but it always seems to frighten her!

She sings a LOT. Other babies her age babble a lot, but she's always singing instead! She's started copying "uh oh"... but it sounds more like "uh aaaaaaah" in a sing-song voice. And, she does it all the time - go figure! I guess it suits her sensitive personality!

She LOVES to wave, and has it down to a fine art. She has her different waves for different occasions. The "super excited" wave (whole arm moving), the "not so sure" wave (arm up, hand moving ever so slightly) and the "I have better things to do" wave (a la Queen Elizabeth). She also loves being chased and tackled.

Eating has changed a bit... she now shows clearly when she's done. She seems to prefer her own finger foods. She's now really like pasta and broccoli pieces, perogies were a HUGE hit. She's even tried some tofu chicken burgers, tofu chicken nuggets, and a variety of other tofu products. Cheese toast is a favorite - mozarella over cheddar though!

Sleeping has been challenging lately, but mostly due to the onset of ANOTHER cold. Yuck! And more teeth. She's broken the top two out now. She may be working on a few more.

She did so well with our trip to Palm Desert. I'm sure she'll be excited for the next trip in April!

Oh, and she LOVES to rip up paper, so Christmas should be a real treat!

The time is just passing too quickly :(

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LisserB said...

Happy 10 months Aubrie!