Monday, December 11, 2006

So quickly

Everyone keeps telling us how much Aubrie has aged in the past few weeks. It's true... it's like she's aged 2 months in a matter of weeks. I think it's just something that clicked in her brain. All of a sudden she's in to totally different things, investigating objects differently, trying so many new things. It's like she understands things perfectly now. She will try to work her toys the way they are supposed to work (instead of just licking them), she tries to carry on conversations, she "calls" me whenever I leave the room (by "call", I mean AAAH AAH AAH AAAH at the top of her lungs). We have a little person on our hands now.

I'm sad to see the baby go... but so excited for what the next few months brings.

Ooh, and if you're wondering why I don't post many pics any more... this is why...


LisserB said...
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Randi said...

Hey Cari...sorry you can't post. I had to get a new blog!!! Oh I was mad, still am! Does it cost anything to switch your old archieves over to WP? I'm really thinking about switching over...this whole Blogger Beta is driving me NUTS!!

p.s. Can you believe these babies are almost 1 !?!?!?! They are changing soo much!

Melany said...

It's amazing how they just all of a sudden "get" things. Just like that.

austins mom said...

Hey it is elle from ttcgrads. Aubrie is so cute! I agree with how they seem to get stuff. It is the same for Austin and new words. It is amazing watching them learn!!
It goes so quickly!!

LisserB said...

Hey you!

Just checking to make sure everything is going good, and that your little ONE year old! is just keeping you super busy. Check in if you can, I miss you.

And Happy Belated Birthday to Aubrie!

*hugs* Melissa